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The Center for Film and Media Studies offers courses in the history, aesthetics, and theory of film, video, and new media. Additionally, we offer creative production courses in digital video and 16mm film. Students earn a major in English with a concentration in Film and Media Studies by following what we call the Film and Media Studies Model. It provides crucial knowledge and analytical skills for the study and production of art and culture, as well as the core strengths of a humanities education.

Our faculty is actively engaged in significant film and media studies research, publication, and production. Their specialties include a full range of world cinema, comic book art and the graphic novel, digital and hypermedia, and the making of video and film art. See the full list of faculty.

Students may also devise their own degree program as an IDS major combining courses in the Department of English with those in other departments. Professor Maureen Turim coordinates the IDS Film and Media Studies.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in our FLEXfest (the Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival) and special screenings and speakers on campus.


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Note that Film Studies courses in addition to those taught by Department of English faculty are offered by affiliate faculty from several departments, in which case they are often crosslisted in English.

Any students may take electives in Film and Media Studies, and some may wish to complete a minor in English with an informal concentration in Film and Media Studies. Production courses have prerequisites.

The concentration in Film and Media Studies prepares students for graduate training in cinema or for careers in film and media curatorial work, film library work, film distribution, teaching film, film and media journalism, or film or media production.

Further Information

Film and Media Studies Model

Students wishing for more information on the Film and Media Studies Model should contact Dr. John Murchek who is our professional adviser for all undergraduate students, particularly in the upper divisions. Alternatively they may contact Prof. Kenneth Kidd who is responsible for the Undergraduate Program’s day-to-day business.

Film and Media Studies

Students wishing more information on Film and Media Studies should contact Professor Maureen Turim, Director of Film and Media Studies at, or any of the Film and Media Studies Center’s affiliate faculty.