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Graduate work in Film and Media Studies at the University of Florida takes place within the Department of English, whose general guidelines (including qualifying exams) students follow. The Department offers a Film and Media Studies track, leading to a Ph.D. in English. For information on this track and its faculty, follow the highlighted links.

This humanities context provides film students with a wide array of emphases, including film and video production; we encourage an interdisciplinary approach to the cinema. Recent topics in English Department graduate film seminars have included historiography, feminism and popular culture, Japanese cinema, cinephilia, avant-garde practice, desire and representation, melodrama, African-American cinema, and the French New Wave. Faculty in other departments frequently offer courses in national cinemas and literatures, and other graduate courses (particularly those offered by the School of Art) attract our students.

The University's Film and Media Resources houses a collection of 2,400 16mm films, 6,000 video tapes, 1,000 laserdiscs, and 3,500 DVDs, all of which are available to graduate film students for studying and teaching. Production facilities include a fleet of digital video (miniDV) and 16mm film cameras as well as three suites of Macintosh edit stations. For a full list of holdings and equipment, see the highlighted links. The graduate students have their own informal film studies group with frequent screenings and other events to expand their engagement with film outside of the classroom.

Most of our Ph.D. and M.A. students receive some form of financial aid, typically as a Teaching Assistantship in the Department's lower-level film and media courses. In the past decade, Florida graduate students have been hired at Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pennsylvania, Indiana University, UC—Riverside, UC—Irvine, Oberlin College, Bucknell University, Kalamazoo College, the University of South Florida, Salisbury University, and Penn State—York.

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Film and Media Studies at the University of Florida


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