Film and Media Studies


Early preparation for the major would ideally include ENG 2300 (Film Analysis). Other useful lower-division courses are GET 2950 (Weimar Cinema), TPP 2100 and 2110 (Acting 1 and 2), ARH 2051 (Introduction to the Principles and History of Art 2), ART 1802C and 1803C (Workshop for Art Research and Practice), and ART 2686C (Video: Continuity in Time).

General Education

Many of the courses included in the Film and Media Studies major satisfy General Education Requirements. Students should check with the individual departments offering the courses in question.


The following courses, offered by individual departments, constitute the Film and Media Studies curriculum. Students should choose from this list to satisfy the 20-hour minimum for the major. All Film and Media Studies courses will be listed in the Schedule of Courses under Film and Media Studies. Students should consult with individual faculty members or the Director about course content and prerequisites. Note that some courses with general titles (e.g., ENG 4133 Film Studies and ARC 3291 Special studies in Architecture) change radically in content from semester to semester.

Visit the English Department’s Course Listings Page for more information.

Film and Media Studies courses are listed under the following numbers on the English department website: ENG 2300, ENG 3113, ENG 3115, ENG 3121-22-23, LIT 3362, ENG 4110, ENG 4130, ENG 4133, ENG 4134, ENG 4135, ENG 4136, LIT 4305, ENG 4936, and ENG 4146. Graduate courses include ENG 6137, ENG 6138, ENC 6428, ENG 6932, and LIT 6308. Please note that not all courses are offered every semester, and some advanced course are scheduled on a three-year rotation.

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